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Women's Car Care Clinics at Stop & Go Instant Oil Change LLC

Do you hate it when you go to the repair shop and it seems as if the mechanic is speaking a foreign language?
Are you afraid of getting a flat tire (and worse, what if it is in an area with no cell service!!)?
Just want to learn some basic car care and maintenance information?

We are here to help!

Every Sunday we will be conducting classes from 3PM to 4PM for those who want to learn more about their vehicles.

We will cover everything from changing a flat tire to learning the basics of an engine and what all those parts under the hood do!

In addition to being taught the information, there will be demonstrations and participants will even be given the chance to get a hands on experience.

Best of all it is FREE OF CHARGE!

Conducted by our very experienced technicians you can rest assured you will leave with a new knowledge and can be more comfortable getting your vehicle serviced or have the confidence of being able to put on your own spare tire without having to call for assistance!

Classes are every Sunday from 3PM to 4PM and each class will cover one subject (see below).


Some subjects that will be covered are:

  1. Changing a tire
  2. Checking your oil
  3. Changing a belt
  4. What do all these moving parts actually do? (Basic Engine Education)
  5. State Inspection- What are they actually looking for (and Why)?
  6. Roadside Emergency Preparedness
  7. What is that noise?!- The undercarriage of vehicle and what could be so noisy under there?

​Please let us know by email any subjects you would like covered and we will make a class out of it!

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